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The cost of coasting into retirement


Too many times when a chiropractor begins to use our tools on, they have already begun to decelerate in anticipation of their retirement.  Deceleration may mean fewer hours in the office, less marketing spend, less active patients and a general pre-retirement malaise.

This is a worst case scenario if someone hopes to sell their practice for its true worth.  Let’s explore some actual numbers of a chiropractor approaching retirement.


Collections         $500K

Take Home Pay $225K mRange Value $370K – $420K



Collections $420K

Take Home Pay $189K

mRange Value

$310K – $353K




Let’s recap the cost of coasting into retirement:

Difference in Take Home Pay          $36K

Difference in mRange (average)      $64K

Total cost of coast (TCC)                   $100K


Unfortunately, this type of scenario is all too common.  The TCC is unforgiving.

What’s the good news about this information?  The TCC can be flipped on its ear and magically become the Total Value of Acceleration (TVA).  If we flip the scenario above with 2014 information becoming 2013 information, we’ve now exited with $100K more in our pocket due to TVA.

But what will blow your mind is the difference between TVA and TCC – $200K!!

Simply put:  the difference in hustling versus coasting would amount to $200K in your pocket upon retirement.

You should not only think about your activity in the year or two leading up to your retirement but also any pre-sale investments that can bring returns in this time frame.  An easy example might be a website presence with solid search engine optimization and social media strategy.  The investment might be $2,500 but the return may be 3X that in your take home pay.

Some more quick math on that presale investment example:

Increase in Take Home Pay of $7,500 due to technology upgrades yields additional mRange Value of $12K.  This is actually a 5X return on the investment in technology!

Remember, the pedal you are looking for is the skinnier one on the right.