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TENN Roadshow – Day 3

Miles Traveled: 830

We continue to put the miles on the LaunchTN TENN Roadshow bus today traveling from Chattanooga to Nashville for a quick presentation before hitting Memphis to conclude our trip. The invitation-only event hosted at Emma in Nashville was especially welcome because the email marketing company is located only a few miles from my house, so my wife, Michelle and several current Healthcare MarketMaker investors and partners were able to attend. Their support was greatly appreciated and definitely helped recharge my batteries as we head into the home stretch of the Road Show.


For any of the LaunchTN TENN teams that didn’t share my renewed energy after the three-hour stop in Nashville, and the pending 300-mile drive to Memphis, they changed their tune (bad pun intended) thanks to some Beastie Boys, Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Memphis-based blues-funk band, AJ and The Jiggawatts. I can’t speak for everyone, but by the time we arrived at The Brass Door for our first presentation in Memphis, I couldn’t wait to encourage potential investors and partners to join the Healthcare MarketMaker team. I’m confident my presentation was persuasive because a number of people stuck around after the event. Of course, The Brass Door is an Irish pub, so it might have been the post-event cocktails that kept them around.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is already the final day of the LaunchTN TENN Roadshow, but I’m anxious to finish strong—you never know which opportunity is going to help Healthcare MarketMaker make a difference in the practices and the lives of doctors across the country.