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Healthcare MarketMaker Taps into Chiropractors at Convention

Last month, hundreds of chiropractors descended on the annual Tennessee Chiropractic Association convention in Murfreesboro focused on earning continuing education credits while learning about the latest and greatest in equipment, malpractice insurance, EHR systems, billing systems and other standard items for operating a practice. What they weren’t expecting was an introduction to Healthcare MarketMaker and our candid questions about the financial health of their practice. Like a first date, it took a few minutes to break the ice, but the resulting conversations proved very productive for both the chiropractors and Healthcare MarketMaker.

Our first venture as an exhibitor at a chiropractic convention, it was critical to better understand the approach chiropractors take to running their practice. It quickly became clear that the chiropractors are passionate about providing the best possible patient care and that they won’t jeopardize that care by cutting corners to save a few bucks. However, chiropractors also want to maximize the financial value of their practice without compromising their commitment to customer care, which is where Healthcare MarketMaker comes into play. The chiropractors we spoke to were extremely excited about the prospect of using a free online platform to identify financial opportunities in their practice and match them to preferred vendors that can help improve those areas. In fact, a number of chiropractors took the opportunity to get a free range of value for their practice, called mRange on the site.  Some of the chiropractors were excited about results and others weren’t, but in all cases, it was an eye-opening experience that suggested taking a fresh look at the current financial status of their practice.

While it’s only the first step in a more complex process for managing the business of practice, many of the chiropractors seemed eager to learn more about how Healthcare MarketMaker can help them. We are also anxious to reconnect with those chiropractors as well as chiropractors we meet at future conventions starting with the annual event in Georgia in a couple weeks.

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