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Healthcare MarketMaker Heads West


Silicon Valley Day 1

Our journey this week takes me to the mecca of startups and entrepreneurialism, Silicon Valley. Along with eight other members of Launch TN’s The TENN master accelerator, the second leg of an exclusive Road Show has begun. Designed to not only reach prospective investors, it’s also an opportunity to refine Healthcare MarketMaker based on insight from some of the most well-respected and accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world. With nearly 15 networking events and workshops featuring countless venture capitalists and speakers, the challenge when I stepped off the plane at 6 a.m. in San Francisco was finally deciding on an itinerary for the next four days.

Day one proved to be an insightful look at the latest and greatest in the technical world. While my 25+ years of healthcare transaction and consulting experience inspired me to create Healthcare MarketMaker, it’s the potential of the latest technology that really excites me. This peak into the nuances and intricacies of web-based platforms gives me appreciation for what we’ve already built and inspiration for how we can make it an even better tool for doctors moving forward.

A great first day in Silicon Valley has me even more excited about the days to come.