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Healthcare MarketMaker Heads West – Day 2

Silicon Valley Day 2

After a productive first day on the Launch TN TENN Road Show in Silicon Valley, I was anxious to visit with some potential Healthcare MarketMaker investors on day two. Ironically, I spent my first night in one of the most technology rich hubs in the world without Internet access. I’m not sure if blame falls on the economy hotel I was staying in or the local Internet service provider, but it was a poignant reminder that I’ve traded the luxury of a corporate expense account to take on a much bigger mission – helping doctors maximize the value of their practice with Healthcare MarketMaker.

Staying with that budget-minded approach, I borrowed an old beater van from my buddy Ryan in the Bay Area for the hour drive to visit leading healthcare IT venture capitalist, Interwest. Before traveling south to Menlo Park for maybe my biggest investor meeting to date, Ryan helped me relax over a burger and talk of our annual trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest in May. Apparently, lunch with Ryan helped because I had a very productive meeting with Interwest that will hopefully lead to a relationship. It’s not every day you get an audience with one of the premier healthcare IT VCs in the country, which leads me to believe they see real opportunity in Healthcare MarketMaker.

I concluded the day by checking into a house rented by LaunchTN before grabbing dinner and beers with some of my TENN peers.  We all seem to share the same energy and enthusiasm two days into the trip. The house also has Internet and its Beer Week in San Francisco, so I’m sure that’s helping keep everyone in high spirits as well!