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In our last post, we highlighted the first meeting of the TENN and Verne Harnish’s book Scalling Up. HCMM has continued to apply Harnish’s techniques and the software Align. But this post is all about meeting II which was centered around Finance and Legal.

As the TENN companies gathered for Part II of the TENN, we were greeted by a panel of finance professionals and investors which ranged from angel investors to venture capital firms to private equity firms. Jason Denenberg moderated and asked the panel to provide general background on their experience and that of their firms. The panel gave the teams great advice on what they want/do not want to see in early stage companies. They gave priceless info on what to do and what not to do in investor meetings and ongoing communications as you cultivate these relationships.

After the panel, the teams broke into groups of two and were paired with a member of the panel for an hour of Q&A. This was even more beneficial as we could discuss what was going on in our respective journeys. The TENN are all different and have our own challenges, but sharing them was invaluable to the process.

Day 2 was very similar in terms of agenda, but the subjects changed from Finance to Legal. We had in front of us various law firms from all over the state. Again, the LaunchTN staff did a great job of teeing up questions and topics for discussion.

Tony Corley said that “it was great to hear sound early stage company advice from both a panel perspective and group perspective. We are working on our own startups, but we are all learning from one another and different challenges with which we are faced.”

Healthcare MarketMaker has grown week over week during the TENN Accelerator and looks forward to the next meeting in early December. We have a lot to work on and improve as we get closer and closer to the road shows.