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Studies show that in the real estate industry, ten years ago less than 13% of home buyers initially found the home they would eventually purchase online.  Today, over 43% of home buyers initially find the home they buy in online marketplaces like Zillow, Trullia and Redfin.

With over 230,000 medical practices in the US and over 11% of those practices actively looking to sell, the marketplace is still defined by an inefficient model driven by a lack of a technology enabled agnostic platform for willing buyers and sellers.

Healthcare MarketMaker is the future of healthcare transactions.

Founder and CEO – Tony Corley

Tony Corley - CEO
Tony has a broad range of healthcare transactions experience acquired in over twenty years in the industry.   Convinced there was a better way to leave more value in the healthcare marketplace with providers, Tony founded Healthcare MarketMaker to utilize the latest in web technology to improve the process of matching willing healthcare buyers and sellers of medical and dental practices and medical equipment.

Through his leadership roles in transactional functions at Ernst & Young and private industry in acute and subacute provider organizations, Tony established a deep understanding of the value created by providers.  Additionally, as the Affordable Care Act has seemingly driven more consolidation in the marketplace among providers to gain economies of scale, contain costs and achieve market leverage, the need for an engine for this consolidation is clear. These two factors were key drivers in his decision to create Healthcare MarketMaker.

Tony has earned degrees from Auburn University (Accounting) and Vanderbilt University (MBA).  He is also a licensed CPA in the State of Tennessee.