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In our last post, we highlighted the first meeting of the TENN and Verne Harnish’s book Scalling Up. HCMM has continued to apply Harnish’s techniques and the software Align. But this post is all about meeting II which was centered around Finance and Legal. As the TENN companies gathered for Part II of the TENN, we were greeted by a […]

Healthcare MarketMaker and the TENN Program: Part I

Healthcare MarketMaker is one of ten startups recently accepted into LaunchTN’s TENN Program, a master accelerator for graduates of Tennessee’s nine startup accelerators. A total of 89 startups were eligible to apply to the TENN program. The first meeting of the TENN took place on October 23rd and 24th in downtown Nashville. Healthcare MarketMaker and […]

Georgia Chiropractors Welcome Healthcare MarketMaker

College football reigns king on Saturdays across the Southeast this time of year, but for more than 600 chiropractors the priority this weekend was attending the Georgia Chiropractic Association’s conference and trade show in Atlanta.  Rather than enjoying a tailgate and catching a game, chiropractors diligently knocked out their required continuing education courses during the […]

The mythology of transparency.

One of the more overused words in healthcare is “transparency.”  Data is transparent, charges are transparent, and quality measures are transparent.  With all of the transparency, there should be no magic in valuing a physician practice.  Estimate the value of hard assets, discount cash flows and market comparisons.  Pick a number. But we all know […]

What is my practice worth?

What is my practice worth?  This is a question that doctors and other healthcare practitioners confront at various times in their medical careers.  Unfortunately, we tend to think about this question not on a continuum but at inflection or crisis points in our practice history.  Examples include entering a new practice, moving from a paid […]

See Healthcare MarketMaker at the 2014 Tennessee Chiropractic Association Annual Convention and Expo

What’s your medical practice worth? It’s a simple question but a very powerful one, and the answer can dramatically affect a doctor’s plan for the future. If the answer is too low, he or she could be looking at pushing retirement back a few more years. If the answer is higher than expected, then our […]

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